90 Degree Reverse Parking


1. Slow down:

Safety first, we don’t want any accidents! Keep the speed of your vehicle down to a slow walking pace. This will enable you to see pedestrians walking in front or behind your vehicle.

2. Observation:

Just like step one, take a good look around you to make sure it is safe to move.

3. Turning Position:

Reverse slowly until the first white line of your chosen bay is in line with the top of your back seat, checking your position through the passenger door window.

4. Steer:

Steer full lock to the left (or the right, if you are reversing into a space on the right) as you reverse the car slowly and smoothly into the bay.

5. Straighten up:

As the car becomes straight, you want to get it parallel with the white lines, so straighten your steering as appropriate so you end up in a central position.


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