Car Seat Safety..!

1. Wear a diagonal belt across the upper chest:

Drivers often complain that this strap is uncomfortable, and they sometimes slip this behind their backs. However, when you do this, the belt’s ability to protect you from injury is decreased.

2.  Adjust the lower strap:

This belt is designed to distribute force to the pelvic area and needs to sit properly on the upper thigh to accomplish this goal.

3.  Maneuver the position of the seat itself:

The farther a driver is sitting from the dashboard, typically the safer he is in the case of a collision. Move the handle or knob on the side of your seat to move the seat forward, backward, upward or downward, so it is a comfortable distance from the steering wheel, so you can see well out of all windows and so the seat belt is comfortable.

4. Sit up straight in your seat:

Slouching or leaning in the seat can cause the seat belt to rest improperly on the body. By sitting all the way back in the seat, the belts will sit on the correct areas of the body.

5. Click the seat belt latch into place by sliding:

You should hear a click. Test that the belt is secure by tugging on it. If the belt doesn’t come unlatched, the seat belt is secure.


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