Seat Adjustments

1.  Adjusting the Seat Distance

The seat should always be positioned with regard to the pedals. Press the brake pedal fully with your right foot and fully depress the clutch dead pedal.

2. Adjust the rake of the seat

This should be as parallel as possible to the steering. It is impossible to reach a perfect adjustment but by adjusting the rake of the seat to an upright angle of about 110-95 degrees, we can reach a suitable adjustment.

3. Adjust the seat height

This should allow us to see forward clearly, while still having a clear view of the dashboard, and proper height relative to the wheel and pedals.

4. Adjust the head restraints

Place the headrest to a height just above your eyelids, and (more importantly) — as close to the head as possible (2-3cm). A head-restraint further than 7 centimeter (2.8 in) increases the risk of whiplash.

5. Adjust the steering height

The steering height should be adjusted to as parallel to back angle, and to a clear view of the dashboard through the rim. The ideal adjustment should also allow us to grip the wheel properly (at 9 and 3, see below), with our palms just lower than our shoulders.




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