Right Way To Control Clutch

One of the most difficult challenges of learning to drive manual is the correct operation of the clutch, which we know as clutch control.

Here are few tips below which make you easy to control clutch:

 1. Make sure gear in neutral :

 Before starting the engine make sure that gear is in neutral, it can avoid uncertain incidents.

 2. Make sure the hand brake is disengaged:

 Basic thing in driving, you need to make sure that you have released hand brake, when you are up to move.

 3. Depress the clutch fully:

  If you depress the clutch fully then only gear will be placed to move or else it won’t.

 4. Releasing the brake:

  Release the brake slowly and clutch parallel  and you can see the movement.

 5. Hold clutch to stop:

  When you are going to stop your car, you need to depress the clutch and then brake.


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