Drivers Perfect Rear Vision

Adjusting your wing mirrors correctly is very easy once you know what to do. Remember it’s always important to check your blind spot before changing lanes!

To avoid uncertain conditions, you need to follow the below tips:


1. Too far in:

The view back up the road looks fine, there’s a large blind spot over your right shoulder. If you are on the motorway you wouldn’t be able to see vehicles approaching from behind in the right lane as easily.

2. Too far out:

There’s a risk you will miss cyclists approaching from behind as you pull out of a parking space. It also makes it more difficult to judge distances of approaching vehicles, and to judge where you are when reversing.

3. Just right:

 This mirror is adjusted perfectly in terms of left-right. It’s up to your personal preference whether you angle it slightly further down, but not too much further down otherwise you compromise your view back up the road.

4. Adjusting your mirrors:

Sit back in your normal driving position. Turn your head to the left and right and look in the mirror that’s what you’ll see when you are driving.

5. Rear view mirror:

Set your rear view mirror to give you the best view through your rear window. The three mirrors together cover a large amount of the road behind you.


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