Intelligent Glass Control Could Make Things Easier On Your Eyes

While driving, it is really annoying when sunlight glare hits you right between the eyes when driving. We engage in a dance about our cabin when the sun starts to set on the horizon, trying to dodge the blinding light be moving visors around, putting on sunglasses, and adjusting our seat position. A new technology wants to make our lives safer, easier, and more efficient. Meet auto-tinting windows.


The technology is developed by Automotive Supplier Continental for car windows that will darken at the touch of a button. Named Intelligent Glass Control, the technology uses special films that are inserted into the glass and change transparency through electric control signals. The particles systematically align themselves when a voltage is applied, darkening the window from the outside while retaining transparency from inside to the outside. Used on the rear windows and side of a vehicle, as well as parts of the windshield, the films prevent sunlight from obscuring the driver’s vision, which could potentially lead to an accident.

In addition to increasing safety and comfort for the driver, the technology also saves energy by reducing the amount of solar heat that’s able to enter the cabin. Andreas Wolf, head of Continental’s Body and Security business unit also explains that this system eliminates the need for sun visors and mechanical blinds, meaning slight weight reductions.

“Our calculations have shown that C02 emissions are reduced by a good four grams per kilometer thanks to these measures, thus increasing the range of electric vehicles by around 5.5 percent,” said Wolf.

Not only it will provide shade when the sun is detected, but they also automatically darken the window when the car is parked for enhanced privacy. While the cost of this technology is still pretty expensive, the company is hopeful that further developments will drive down the price.

“Today it is just a question of when intelligent glass is coming,” said Wolf.


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One thought to “Intelligent Glass Control Could Make Things Easier On Your Eyes”

  1. Great article! I think this kind of technology will be very popular in next years, because it improve the safety and the visual conditions of the drivers. Apart from that, there are a lot of companies which are working hard for developing those glasses, and the automotive industry is one of the best places to implement it!

    I hope those glasses be in Europe as the same time as in USA and in other countries like China, I think it will fit in european automotive industry very well.

    Congratulations for the article, is great to see new developments in that way!

    Carlos Marín.

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