Why Vehicle Wheel Alignment Is Important

For the overall control of your vehicle, wheel alignment is very important. Proper wheel alignment is also necessary for your vehicle’s tire wear. Improper wheel alignment can cause damage to your vehicle’s tires, as a result, the lifespan of the tires reduces significantly. Most dangerously you can lose control of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

That is why you should check your vehicle alignment closely and if it is not aligned properly, take your vehicle to the mechanic and fix the alignment as soon as possible.

Basically, your vehicle tires are pointing in the wrong direction or on an angle when your wheels are out of alignment. This affects your steering and suspension, but most importantly, it can greatly affect your safety and the safety of your passengers.
So what is the cause of improper vehicle wheel alignment? 
• Hitting a curb
• Running over potholes
• Bumping into concrete parking blocks
• Basic wear and tear- the tire rubber starts to dry up and crack, as your vehicle ages, which cause the socket joints and ball to become loose, and it progressively gets worse over time.

Vehicle wheel alignment angles are measured in tenths to hundredths of the degree. Once the vehicle wheels are out of alignment, if not corrected, the damage can easily build up over time.

How often you should check the alignment?
It is recommended to check your vehicle wheel alignment when you check the motor oil. There could be enough damage to your vehicle wheel alignment after 6,000 miles, even if you only drive in the plain surface in a city. You should fix the alignment as soon as possible, the longer you wait to get yours aligned, the more damage it may cause to your vehicle.

Will I be able to notice my wheels aren’t aligned?
In most cases, it is very difficult to tell the vehicle wheels are out of alignment just by looking at them. If you notice that your vehicle wheels are in different angle by just looking at them that means, the wheels are dangerously misaligned.

You may not be able to tell if your wheels are on an angle, rather than being nice and straight like they should be, however, in a lot of cases you can tell aren’t aligned properly by checking the wear pattern on your tires treads.

Feathering- when the vehicle tread is smooth on one side and still have good tread left on the other, the tires are considered as “feathered.”
Camber Wear- This is when either the outside or the inside of the tread is significantly more worn than the center.

Misaligned wheels are the same as a snowball rolling down a mountain, the problem could be like the size of a pebble, but as it rolls further and further down the hill, it becomes and bigger and bigger problem. So before your wheel alignment problem gets too costly and dangerous, you should make sure vehicle wheels are aligned properly.


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  1. Thanks for explaining why wheel alignment is so important. You make a good point about how it is even necessary for your car’s tire wear. I didn’t realize that improper alignment will cause your tires to wear out a lot faster. I would think it is important to make sure they are aligned so you don’t put yourself and others in danger.

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