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Tips on U-Turn and Three Point Turn

U-Turn along the divider 

  1. Always stay in the left most lane.
  2. Slow down and make sure to know that no one is in your way.
  3. Since the U-turn is 180-degree turn the wheel almost all the way depending on the medium. If the medium is narrow turn the wheel completely, and if the medium is wider turn a bit less.
  4. Now the most important are always look at where you want to go.
  5. And at final to make it easier, just make the wheel to slide between your hands while accelerating. So that the wheel restricts themselves to move smoothly.

Three Point Over

  1. First, to make space to your left move the vehicle to the right and slow down the vehicle.
  2. Do the verification that there is no approaching vehicle either from front or back. As we will be crossing in the two-way street.
  3. Turn the Steering wheel completely till it blocks.
  4. If the turn did not happen in a single attempt, do verification again and take the reverse by turning the steering wheel completely to the right.
  5. Then turn the wheel to the left completely and keep on going till the car is straight.

Above all this, before taking a U-Turn be aware of signs prohibiting them.

The (Chrysler) Lancia Thema








  • In most European countries … Chrysler vehicles are sold under the Lancia brand
  • The  Chrysler brand is set to change, once more, in Europe
  • Chrysler shall be departing the UK (Although Jeep shall remain), whilst …
  • … Lancia will be leaving Austria … and …
  • … possibly the rest of Europe except for Italy
  • In keeping with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEOSergio Marchionne‘s promise, Lancia is slowly withdrawing to Italy



  • At one time, the Thema would have been described as a flagship
  • That was when the world still had two very different approaches to car design …
    • elegance in Europe … and …
    • substance in America
  • The Thema combines both these approaches to create true harmony between style and power design and character



  • The Lancia Thema brand is ostensibly famous outside of its native Italy for the 3.0-liter Ferrari V8 that the top end Thema borrowed from the Ferrari 308
  • Close watchers of the auto industry have been aware of the Chrysler 300-based, Lancia Thema for quite a while
  • Click here or on the Dilawri-TV to watch and learn more of this beauty … oh, it’s in Italian too BTW!


Style, Power, Design and Character
Style, Power, Design and Character




Ottawa's Chrysler Central
Ottawa’s Chrysler Central




Daniel Craig In New Heineken James Bond Ad

  • Daniel Craig stars in a new James Bond-themed Heineken advertisement, promoting the new Spectre movie released on October 26th.
  • 007, whilst escaping the usual array of frankly useless henchmen by speedboat … Bond unwittingly draws a bystander into the chase as he tries to escape
  • The lovely bystander concerned is played by actress Zara Prassinot … has she got what it takes?
  • We all know of 007’s penchant for his martini shaken, not stirred Martinis but, in this case, he’s after a nice cold Heineken
  • Look out for a superb digital cameo from Hervé Villechaize (who played henchman Nick Nack in 1974’s The Man with the Golden Gun)
  • Heineken has announced another 007-themed ad promotion for Spectre …  Spyfie will allow lucky attendees of an advance screening the opportunity to take selfies using an orbiting satellite … 350 miles above the Earth
  • Click here or on the Dilawri-TV to view …


James Bond
He Likes Beer Apparently!


High Horse Performance HELLCAT Charger Sets Speed Record

  • This High Horse Performance Hellcat has just managed a 9 second pass at Cecil County Dragway!


High Horse


  • Nobody has been racing Late Model HEMI cars as long as HHP
  • With years of experience on the Gen 3 HEMI‘s, HHP knows what it takes to give you better performance and power without sacrifices
  • Whether you’re looking for better performance on the street or over 2,000 horsepower for the track, they sell the parts and build the packages that get you exactly what you need
  • HHR customers have come to rely on their expertise and experience with the HEMI 5.7L, 6.1L and 6.4L platforms
  • The Hellcat crossed the quarter mile in 9.77s at 135.92 mph
  • This blew away the quarter mile time of the stock Hellcat, which does a 10.85 at 126.18 mph
  • This time makes the HHP Challenger the world’s fastest Hellcat!



  • American Racing Headers complete exhaust system
  • AFE Momentum CAI
  • ATI 10% OD Crank Damper
  • Custom Diablosport CMR Tuning By HHP/HEMITUNER
  • Nitrous Outlet wet kit with 150 shot
  • Tuned on VP Race Fuels Q16


High Horse Performance
High Horse Performance



  • Click here or on the DILAWRI-TV to view …
We Know HEMIs
We Know HEMIs

My Bath Tub Is Faster Than Yours!

  • Spectators at Switzerland’s recent 2015 Bergrennen Reitnau hill climb were treated with some speedy, 4-wheeled porcelain
  • What they witnessed was a motorcycle engine-powered bathtub driven and invented by Swiss engineer, Hannes Roth
  • Roth attached the bath tub onto a go-kart chassis … and …
  • This bathtub chucks out 120 hp by way of a 600cc Yamaha R6 motorcycle engine


Bath Tub Racing Antics
Bath Tub Racing Antics


  • Click here or on the Dilawri-TV to view Roth racing his bath tub!


Lean ... Mean ... & Clean!
Lean … Mean … & Clean!

The Batman v. Superman: ‘Dawn Of Justice’ New Batmobile

  • Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood is, for a limited time only, are offering their guests a super rare peek at the new Batmobile
  • The official wheels from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to the big screen in March 2016
  • In the meantime, you can book your tour tickets here if you have the means & / or can’t wait!
  • Click here or on the Dilawri-TV to get your fix …
Bat Vision
Bat Vision

Watch The ‘Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat’ Hennessey HPE850 Dyno Test

  • More from our friends at Hennessey Performance
  • We’ve already had a good look at Hennessey’s HPE850 package for the 2015 and 2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
  •  Increasing the already immense 707 hp to a enormous 852 hp chucks out an incredible 652 lb-ft of torque
  •  Hennessey achieves this massive power boost of 145 hp by implementing a litany of  modifications to the 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine, including …
    • the ECU replaced by a customized version
    • installation of a high-flow air intake
    • a pulley that raises the supercharger boost by about 2 psi
    • a ported throttle body … and …
    • a ported supercharger housing
  • Each HPE850 comes with its own unique number, complete with a special dash plaque in the interior inside and … as well as a serial plaque on the engine
  • This very special version also shows off embroidered Hennessey headrests and HPE850 badging on the exterior
  • Click here or on the Dilawri-TV to watch some HPE850 shenanigans …


Hellcat Charger Dyno Test
Hellcat Charger Dyno Test


"You Gonna Burn It Out To The Wick Aren't You, Barracuda?"
We Know Performance

Thermochromic Paint Chameleonizes This Lamborghini … Into Captain America!

  • This video of German artist, Rene Turrek‘s, Lamborghini Gallardo was uploaded a few days ago
  • As you watch , you will see the water splashed on the hood revealing a rather cool image of Captain America!
  • Turrek calls his creation The First Avenger
  • The car is coated in thermochromic paint, a coating that reacts to temperature change
  • The purple supercar transitions into its true aesthetic once a couple of cups of warm water are poured on to the paintwork
  • As the water evaporates or beads away, the car becomes its original opaque self once more
  • Turrek has become a global name, working with the likes of Nikon and Mattel
  • … a far cry from his humble (and somewhat illegal) beginnings as a spray-painty graffiti artist and tagger
  • Regrettably though, this clever effect fades quite quickly if exposed to too much sunlight
  • At $400 a pint, it costs quite a few thousand dollars to adorn your car
  • If you have more money than sense, don’t worry about it … otherwise keep your wheels in the dark
Captain Lamerica
Captain Lam’erica


  • You all know the drill … click here or on the Dilwari-TV to  view …

Google Beaten By 44 Years?!!

  • It’s not all about The Google (as my Mum calls it) you know!?
  • Google don’t have the monopoly on Driverless Cars … it seems they were gazumped 44 years ago in 1971!
  • New historic footage suggests that a driverless car was being developed at the Road Research Laboratory in Wokingham, U.K.
  • British Movietone, in collaboration with Associated Press, have made public a million minutes of historic footage on two dedicated YouTube channels entitled the AP Archive
  • Operating as an on-demand visual encyclopedia, the video service offer offering a unique perspective on the most significant moments of modern history
  • Choose from over 550,000 individual stories to view and learn about
  • The video narrator says …

… computerized electronic impulses relayed to the car through a special receiving unit fixed to the front.

Signals picked up from the inlaid track are interpreted by the unit to change the car’s course or its speed.”

  • Additionally, the narrator likens the car technology to that of as used in aeroplane autopilot system
  • Further, the video relays that scientists believed everyone will be cruising around in a self-driving car by the year 2000
  • The narrator also says …

It may seem like a pipe dream at the moment, but researchers say that robot cars will be in everyday use within 30 years.”

Watch Victoriously!
Watch Victoriously!


  • Watch the 1971 Diverless Car video by clicking here or on the Dialwri-TV above …
Auto Trivia
Driverless Auto Trivia
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