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Decorative place to Dine – Ca(R)estuarants

Just to make the dining experience creative and interesting especially for car enthusiasts, people started to serve food in cars. Below are the few restaurants where food is being served around Automobile Atmosphere.


“The Car. Das Auto” Resturant

THE CAR, DAS AUTO cost 1.6 million Euros ($2 million) and was co-financed by Daniell Porsche. Located in north of Salzberg, Austria, this restaurant and bar seats 300 and has room for 350 on the outside terraces. A must unusual place to dine, this restaurant is sure to become a landmark.

Salzburg, Austria


P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant

P.S. BuBu was established in 1999 by friends and car lovers Ponny and Sean.

Taipei City, Taiwan


Mickey’s Diner

Mickey’s Diner. Mickey’s Diner is a classic diner in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. … Designed to resemble a railroad dining car, the prefabricated building was constructed in 1937 by the Jerry O’Mahony Diner Company of Elizabeth, New Jersey, then shipped to Saint Paul by rail.

Minnesota, USA



Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

This restaurant is located in  Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the only place in Disney World where you get a full service restaurant while sitting in a car! Head to SciFi Dine-In for a drive-in experience like never before…

Florida, USA

Drivers Perfect Rear Vision

Adjusting your wing mirrors correctly is very easy once you know what to do. Remember it’s always important to check your blind spot before changing lanes!

To avoid uncertain conditions, you need to follow the below tips:


1. Too far in:

The view back up the road looks fine, there’s a large blind spot over your right shoulder. If you are on the motorway you wouldn’t be able to see vehicles approaching from behind in the right lane as easily.

2. Too far out:

There’s a risk you will miss cyclists approaching from behind as you pull out of a parking space. It also makes it more difficult to judge distances of approaching vehicles, and to judge where you are when reversing.

3. Just right:

 This mirror is adjusted perfectly in terms of left-right. It’s up to your personal preference whether you angle it slightly further down, but not too much further down otherwise you compromise your view back up the road.

4. Adjusting your mirrors:

Sit back in your normal driving position. Turn your head to the left and right and look in the mirror that’s what you’ll see when you are driving.

5. Rear view mirror:

Set your rear view mirror to give you the best view through your rear window. The three mirrors together cover a large amount of the road behind you.

Dodge Charger Pursuit as a Police Car


Here it is the Dodge Charger pursuit with advanced powertrains and modern technology that include available features such as all-wheel drive (AWD) with front axle disconnect and the 12.1-inch Integrated Display Package.


Powered by two of the finest engines — the award-winning 292 hp 3.6L Pentastar V6 with available Flex Fuel capability, or the 370 hp 5.7L HEMI V8 with Fuel Saver Technology.

No matter what you need, Charger Pursuit has you covered. Rest assured knowing the performance suspension with load-leveling and height control paired with the heavy-duty performance brakes will meet the ever-demanding conditions of daily use.


Inside, driver and passenger front seats feature ample room to accommodate a full duty belt. A full-color seven-inch reconfigurable instrument cluster display plus the Uconnect 5.0 AM/FM radio with Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth delivers another level of personalization and connectivity.


Notable Police Features

  • 220-amp Alternator.
  • 800-CCA Maintenance-free Battery.
  • Column-mounted Automatic Shifter with AutoStick.
  • Convenience Group I — Available — Power 8-way driver and passenger seats with power 4-way lumbar adjusters — Power adjustable pedals.
  • Driver- and Passenger-side Ballistic Front-door Panels — Available.
  • Fleet Park Assist Group — Includes ParkSense Rear Park Assist System and ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera — Available.
  • Heavy-duty Cloth Bucket Seats with Vinyl Rear Bench — Includes 6-way power driver seat.
  • Heavy-duty Vinyl Floor Covering.
  • Patrol Package Wiring Prep Package — Includes front and rear wiring harness and Power Distribution Center — Available.
  • Police-specific Front Seats Accommodate Full Duty Belts.
  • Rear Door and Window Deactivation — Available.
  • Street Appearance Group — Includes 18-inch wheel covers, exterior power and heated mirrors with manual folding, full-length floor console with illuminated cup holders, Media Hub (SD card reader/USB port/ auxiliary jack), dual USB charging ports, front and rear climate control outlets and front reading/map lamps — Available.
  • Anti-Ambush: Once the system is activated, any movement will trigger an alarm sound inside the car, the windows will roll up, the doors will lock and the tail lights will flash.

Cars of Canadian Celebrities

Cars usually indicate the lifestyle of a person. People choose their vehicle based on the status and budget.

Different people, different desires, and different lifestyle.

Celebrities are known to lead luxury life. Most of them show their wealth through Automobiles.

Let’s take a look at the Automobiles owned by the Top Canadian Celebrities.


Rachel McAdams


Rachel Anne McAdams is a Canadian actress, Rachael purchased the Mini in late 2009 and she reportedly termed it as her best investment yet.


Justin Bieber

Car Styles

Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm with his energetic, teeny-bopper music. Justin with his White Lamborghini Aventador.

Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds has a full-fledged Hollywood career with comedy and action movies like Deadpool. Ryan with his Red SRT8.


Justin Trudeau


Justin on Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

Ryan Gosling

CaptureImage result for Chevelle

Ryan Gosling captured the hearts of many hopeless romantics across the country. Ryan driving his Chevelle.

Transmission of SKYACTIV Technology

Previous we discussed on the SKYACTIV Gasoline engine and Diesel engine, that how an engine works and what were its merits and de-merits. Let’s explore the transmission of SKYACTIV Technology. Today we learn perfect control of transmission with the help of Ideal Transmission.

Here we go…….



Ideal Transmission for Perfect Control

Transmission is critical not only to fuel efficiency improvement but also to a cars driving performance. The “ideal transmission” that gives you perfect control over your car. With this concept, we have developed a pair of transmission systems that promise precise handling as well as improved fuel efficiency.

Thanks to an expanded lockup range of more than 80%, the SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission gives you the direct feel of a manual transmission. The SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission, with its class-leading light weight, ensures a crisp feel when shifting.

We have two different types of Transmission as mentioned below.



A new-generation highly-efficient automatic transmission that achieves excellent torque transfer efficiency through a wider lock-up range and features the best attributes of all transmission types.


  • Combines all the advantages of conventional automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, and dual clutch transmissions
  • A dramatically widened lock-up range improves torque transfer efficiency and realizes a direct driving feel that is equivalent to a manual transmission
  • A 4-to-7 percent improvement in fuel economy compared to the current transmission


All the Advantages of Conventional Step CVT (continuously variable transmission), Dual Clutch, and Step AT (Automatic transmissions).

Automatic transmissions (AT) can be categorized into three types:

  • CVT: generates various gear reduction ratios with a pair of pulleys
  • Dual Clutch: utilizes 2 separate clutches for odd and even gear sets.
  • Conventional AT: generates various gear reduction ratios with planetary gear sets


The key requirements for ATs are “good fuel economy”, “quick start-up” (including hill climbing), “direct feel” and “smooth shifting”.

The table below shows the drawbacks and advantages of each transmission.




A new-generation manual transmission with a light shift feel, compact size and significantly reduced weight.


  • A light and crisp shift feel like that of a sports car
  • Compact size and reduced weight

Technical Aims & Concept

North American and Japanese markets always prefer Automatic transmission Whereas Manual Transmission is dominating in Europe. To meet global demand, two types of MT (“Large” and “Mid” sizes) have been newly developed. The development concept was to create a “light and compact MT with improved shift feel and better fuel economy”. The goal was to achieve an MX-5-like sporty and brisk shift feel.

For a quick shift feel, both a short shift-lever stroke and light shift effort had to be achieved. By pursuing the ideal structure of manual transmissions, 16% at maximum of weight reduction was achieved. Furthermore, internal friction losses were significantly reduced to achieve a 1% improvement in fuel economy.

Quick and Crisp Shift Feel

To achieve lighter shift effort with a short shift lever stroke, the lever ratio must be increased. However, a larger lever ratio reduces the internal stroke. To achieve precise synchronizer and torque transmission even with a short internal stroke, a small module spline is used. skyactiv-mt_02_en

Also, the shift effort gradually reduces through the stroke, providing reassuring resistance as the lever is first pushed, then getting lighter so it feels as if the shift lever is automatically moving into gear. With the current shift lever, shift effort in the select direction (right-left direction) increases with the movement of the shift lever, but with the new shift lever, a stable shift effort is achieved. Binding is minimized when shifting diagonally.

Light and Compact MT

Since the structure of an MT is relatively simple, completely new ideas and logical thinking are required to achieve further weight reduction and higher efficiency. skyactiv-mt_03_en

The triple-shafted gear train with a common gear for 2nd and 3rd was selected from approximately 30 different configurations due to its potential to achieve lightness, light shift effort, high efficiency, and a wide gear ratio. Based on this selection, the lightest structural specifications were selected from over 10,000 alternatives. By reviewing the function of each component, commonization of the 1st and reverse gears was newly adopted.

This enabled the length of the secondary shaft to be reduced by 20%. A common 1st and reverse gear made possible the removal of the reverse idle shaft. As a result, by reexamining gear configurations, the number of components decreased and the gear train weight was reduced by roughly 3kg.

2017 Hyundai Sonata – Redefining the Sedan!!!

The 2017 Sonata continues to define the intermediate sedan segment over seven generations of progress. The innovative design makes a bold statement of confidence and refinement.


The Interior offers much to enjoy such as an available leather-wrapped steering wheel and 8-inch touch screen navigation with rearview camera. The Sonata has more passenger and total interior space than any other vehicle in its class. The available rear side sunshades are integrated into the door panels, so they’re out of sight when not in use, and can be easily raised by hand.


Storage bins are bountiful, and trunk space totals a generous 16.3 cubic feet. Seat-folding levers are located in the trunk. The glovebox and console are deep enough to hold tablet computers. 


The new Sonata comes with chrome trimming around the windows, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels. It gives you a choice of either an available power tilt-and-slide sunroof or a panoramic sunroof. The Dynamic Bending Light is designed to turn the headlights with the direction of the curve as you turn the steering wheel. 

The Sport and Limited models include a unique front grille, side rocker panels with chrome molding, side mirror-mounted turn-signal indicators, 17-inch alloy wheels and dual exhaust tips, while the Sport 2.0T and Limited 2.0T add 18-inch alloy wheels, quad exhaust and rear diffuser.


The 2017 Hyundai Sonata offers three engines across its six trim lines. The standard 2.4L Gasoline Direct Injection(GDI) 4-cylinder engine is mated to a smooth shifting 6-speed automatic transmission for performance and fuel economy in perfect balance.
The body of Sonata was constructed using advanced high strength steel forged in Hyundai’s own steel mill. The sonata’s fully independent suspension has been calibrated to provide an ideal blend of handling composure and ride comfort.


The Automatic Emergency Braking system uses both a camera and radar sensor. Lane Change Assist measures the closing speed of an approaching vehicle in the adjacent lane to determine if changing lanes is safe and if it’s not, gives a warning the driver can both see and hear. 


The available Automatic High Beam Assist automatically switches from high to low beam headlights when an oncoming vehicle is detected. Available distance sensors embedded into the rear bumper make parking as simple as driving. It also includes seven standard airbags to protect you if the unavoidable occurs.

Parallel Parking

Find a space a few feet longer than your car if possible. Confirm the space is legal and check for any obstructions you’ll need to avoid. Slow down and signal as you pull up in front of the space, remaining aware of other drivers.

Here are the following tips to park your car in parallel:

1. Seek out space:

You feel comfortable that you can safely get your car into without crunching into another car.

2. Check your rear-view mirror:

Driver-side mirror as you approach the space to ensure another car is not riding on your tail. Signal toward space as you approach it, slow down, and stop.

3. Check your surrounding:

Use all your mirrors and check your blind spots for cars, bicyclists and pedestrians “BEFORE” you begin to reverse your car.

 4. Straighten out as you finish pulling in:

Turn the steering wheel to the left once the rear of your vehicle is mostly in the space, still going backward.

 5. Pull the front up to the curb and center the car:

Turn your car wheel in correct position and pull into the center.



Dodge vehicles are bred for performance, and the Dodge Charger carries on that lineage. From heart-pounding power to unexpected efficiency, it makes for one unforgettable ride.

2017 Dodge Charger dodge adds bit of hellcat to 2017 dodge charger challenger Review Photo

Here it is the Beast the DODGE CHARGER SE which has horsepower from 475 till 700. The car which has the mountain of muscle under the hood.

Going towards Technology – A SMARTER CAR

The Dodge Charger features enough technology to satisfy even the biggest gadget geeks—Dodge engineers included.

7-Inch Digital Cluster Display:


Knowledge is power, and you’ve got both with the 7-inch customizable Driver Information Digital Cluster Display to help keep you in the loop with key vehicle information like tire pressure, trip information, fuel economy and operational information for available systems like Park-Sense Rear Park Assist and Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist.

Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop:


Charger SE has got your back—and your front. Available Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop automatically adjusts your vehicle’s cruising speed to help maintain your set distance using throttle control and limited braking. This system is a driver’s convenience system, not a substitute for active driver involvement. The driver must remain aware of traffic conditions and be prepared to use the brakes to avoid collisions.

ACC dual radar MB S-Class 2008

Your Dodge’s adaptive cruise control works with a radar monitoring system located on the front of your vehicle. When you pre-set the speed range that you want your vehicle to accelerate and decelerate within, your radar system goes to work to watch the vehicle in front of you. The safe-distance technology will match your speed to the speed of the vehicle in front of you once you get close.

Sport Mode:

Charger Has Sport Mode which sets the engine, transmission and steering systems to their Sport settings, providing improved throttle response and modified shifting for an enhanced driving experience.


A new Sport mode reduces shift times from around 400 milliseconds to 250 milliseconds, increases engine responsiveness, and adjusts the stability control and steering feel.

Rain-Sensing Wipers:


It is also called as the sixth sense. Available rain-sensing wipers activate automatically when they detect moisture on the windshield. The speed of the wipers adjusts as the rain level increases or decreases for a clear view of the road

Hands-free calling:


As the name itself indicates the feature here, no need to use hands, and even buttons on steering wheel. This can happen with the help of Uconnect Voice Command and Bluetooth Streaming Audio, you can send and receive calls, select your music or change radio stations with the sound of your voice.

Media Hub:

Sync up, then turn it up. With features like a two USB port and an auxiliary jack input, the media hub is designed to sync all of your media files with the touchscreen.


Dual Charging USB Ports

Feel the charge. Two convenient charge-only USB ports allow you to keep your devices powered on the road ahead.

Auxiliary Power Outlets

Talk about powering on. Two 12-volt power outlets let you charge electronic devices on the go.

Voice Command

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. Uconnect Voice Command includes Hands-Free-Calling, voice prompts and voice commands for the radio and available Navigation system.


With Bluetooth Streaming Audio you can stream music wirelessly from your compatible media device. No cables mean no hassles.

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